⚡ This week in design systems jobs (#57)

September 8, 2021

Happy Thursday!

Welcome to the Jobs edition of the Design Systems Newsletter.

Before we get into this week's jobs, I have a small announcement!

I've been posting jobs for a little over a month, and there are now over 30 jobs available on the jobs board!

The newsletter and job board are also gaining traction across the internet. In fact, our subscriber count has grown by 118% since July 29!

These changes are really exciting, and they mean that the job board is going to get bigger and better!

That means more high-quality Design Systems jobs, faster response times to get your opening filled sooner, and a stronger Design Systems community.

In order to support this growth, I've decided to introduce the following affordable pricing tiers for job postings on the Design Systems Job Board.

  1. Post a job directly to the Design Systems Job Board for 30 days ($39)
  2. Post a job to the Design Systems Job Board for 1 month + a shoutout in the newsletter on the first Thursday after posting ($89)
  3. Post a featured (top of page) job to the Design Systems Job Board for 1 month + a shoutout in the newsletter for every week the job is live ($199)

However, I really appreciate all of your support, so I'm giving you one last chance to post a job for free on the Design Systems Job Board! Fill out this form before the end of the day on Sunday, and I will include you in next week's newsletter before transitioning to our new pricing tiers.

Thank you for all your support so far, and I am looking forward to this new chapter for the Design Systems Job Board!





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Talk soon,

Mae ​

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