📖 Defining design systems (#62)

September 21, 2021

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Yesterday on Twitter, I asked how people are defining the term "design system." I got some thoughtful responses that sparked further discussion.

Dan Mall (@danmall):

I like saying it's a “package-managed, version-controlled, software product that contains the smallest set of components and guidelines an organization needs to make digital products consistently, efficiently, and happily.”

Alan Brown (@alanbrowndesign):

I see a design system as something close to digital brand guidelines. The industry seems obsessed with the output: components, platforms, tools etc. These are important parts, but the definition should be agnostic, living somewhere in the guidance, governance and documentation

Henry Daggett (@henry_daggett):

Synchronised (interdisciplinary) assets connected by principles and patterns

Kamlesh Chandnani (@kamlesh):

Design System is:

  1. Set of principles and elements to build systems with clear standards.
  2. Like lego blocks as they are of different shape and color but to build something meaningful you follow some guidelines or principles

What do you think? Do you have your own definition that you'd be willing to share? Reply to this email with your definition!

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